A Man in Maryland Wins Jackpot Twice In Under a Month

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A 24-year old man in Maryland has enjoyed double luck in less than a month after he won a lottery twice. William Frasher won his first lottery in a Keno jackpot amounting to $80,060 and a few days later; he got won another lottery of $25,000 on the same game.

His luck started on 20th September, when he got the first win and the biggest of his gambling life. While at a working lunch with his boss, he decided to play the game again, a decision that paid very well, giving him the second biggest win of his life on 3rd October. This came as a great shock not just to the winner but also the lottery company and other players.

Winning a lottery is never easy even for people who have been gambling for years. Casinos make it hard for actual players to win in any game, which explains why the house always wins. Even so, there are people who win in casino games as well as lotteries.  If you are smart in calculating the odds, you will realize that the odds of buying a jackpot winning lottery in any game are usually one in a very big number. This is where luck applies.

So many people have been lucky enough to win in lotteries in the past, Frasher being one of them.  Just the other day, a man in Connecticut won a huge jackpot of $1 million from a lottery ticket he had forgotten in his wallet. Charles Dudley had bought that ticket in May, and then forgot all about it, only to find it four months later while cleaning out his wallet. Checking the winning numbers on the lottery’s website, he could not believe his luck.

In other news, a Michigan couple was able to enjoy a $1.1 million win through a lucky tip they got from a clerk at a local store. These are just a few lucky winners that have been recently reported.

After his luck, William Frasher is now planning to pay off all his debts and enjoy life a little, hoping that luck will knock at his door again soon.