Suspects detain by the Slovak police over journalist murder

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According to recent reports, on Thursday, citing the police reports and sources, the Slovak media firm yesterday reported that the Slovak police department was able to detain several people who are suspected to be behind the murder of Jan Kuciak, an investigative reporter together with his fiancée.

The news about detention of this suspected people in the ongoing murder investigation case was confirmed by Kuciak family lawyer, according to the lawyer, this killings which occurred several months ago went hailing over central European country where the stoking anger individual protested over public corruption and according to reports, the protest was sparking and this was the biggest street protests ever seen since the murder of the communism in the year 1989. lawyer Daniel Lipsic said on his Facebook page said that yesterday in the morning hours, the police managed to detain all the suspects in the premeditated murder of investigative reporter, Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova, his fiancee.

The lawyer told reporters by text message who wanted extra information about the ongoing case that at the moment he has just been briefed on the stage by the concerned prosecutors. Lipsic, later on the daily newspaper SME website said that as far as evidence is concerned, the presented evidence is enough to convinced and more so in justifying retention of the suspects in custody.

According to police report’s, eight people are being held in custody awaiting for the adjournment of the hearing. Whatsoever, the reporter’s were not able to verify the number of suspect immediately under custody. The police earlier on their Facebook page in a statement said that the police department was able to detain persons of interest in the murder rather the suspected who committed violent crime.

The police officers carried the suspects out from their home after an extensive search was done. The police spokesman nevertheless declined to disclose further information in accordance to the murder case. Media firms like and SME, where investigative journalist Kuciak had worked yesterday in their update on the ongoing investigations said that the police at the moment are conducting home searches in the south of the country.